actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.SendMessageButtonActionListener
Calls the current State MessagePressed method.
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.SendMessagesButtonActionListener
Changes the SendMessages/ManageContact Panel to the Send Messages Panel.
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.ManageContactsButtonActionListener
Changes the SendMessages/ManageContact Panel to the Manage Contact Panel.
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.DisconnectButtonActionListener
Changes the current state to disconnnected.
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.AddContactButtonActionListener
Calls the current state's AddContactButtonPressed method.
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.RemoveContactButtonActionListener
Calls the current state's RemoveContactButtonPressed method.
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.LoginButtonActionListener
Calls the current state's LoginButtonPressed method.
actionSelectPanel - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
ActionSelectPanel - class CSICQClient.Panel.ActionSelectPanel.
The GUI Element for selecting different panels or disconnecting.
ActionSelectPanel() - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Panel.ActionSelectPanel
Initialize all the GUI elements in this panel.
ADD_CONTACT - Static variable in class CSICQClient.Message.Message
addButton - Variable in class CSICQClient.Panel.ManageContactPanel
AddContactMessage - class CSICQClient.Message.AddContactMessage.
This class representse two possible messages
Message from Server to Client pushing a new contact to the contact list (usually done after login).
AddContactMessage(int, String) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Message.AddContactMessage
creates a new message
ADDCONTACTPANEL - Static variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
AddContactPressed() - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.AppletState
Called whenever the Add Contact button is pressed.
AddContactPressed() - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.Functional
Adds a contact, which information is found in the manageContactPanel, to the Contact List.
If the UIN is not already found in the Contact List, it is added and a proper message is sent to the CSICQ server.
AddMember(int, String) - Method in class CSICQClient.ContactList
Adds a member to the contact list, if member is not already found in list.
AUTHORIZE_LOGIN - Static variable in class CSICQClient.Message.Message


BlackXi - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
BlackXiPicFilename - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
buffer - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.MessageInputStream
used to buffer incoming message data.
Button - Variable in class CSICQClient.Panel.SendMessagePanel
Button - Variable in class CSICQClient.Panel.LoginPanel
byteO - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.MessageOutputStream
Used to buffer incoming message until send method is called.


clickUser(int) - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.ContactListEvent
Changes the UIN fields of the Manage Contact panel and Send Message Panel.
ComposeMessageScrollPane - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
ComposeMessageTextArea - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
ConnectedIcon - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
connection - class CSICQClient.connection.
Represents the connection to the CSICQ server.
connection(String, int) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.connection
Creates a new TCP connection to the CSICQ server.
Attached two message stream to the connection.
contactList - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
ContactList - class CSICQClient.ContactList.
Contact List implementation.
The Contact List is a combination of a GUI element and an hashtable data structure.
ContactList.Contact - class CSICQClient.ContactList.Contact.
This class represent a member of the contact list.
ContactList.Contact(ContactList, int, String, int) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.ContactList.Contact
Creates a new contact.
ContactList.ContactListRenderer - class CSICQClient.ContactList.ContactListRenderer.
Define the look of the cell in the contact list. takes into consideration the state of the contact.
ContactList.ContactListRenderer(ContactList) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.ContactList.ContactListRenderer
ContactList.ContactListSelectionHandler - class CSICQClient.ContactList.ContactListSelectionHandler.
Listener for the JList select event.
ContactList.ContactListSelectionHandler(ContactList) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.ContactList.ContactListSelectionHandler
ContactList() - Constructor for class CSICQClient.ContactList
Creates an empty contact List.
Initializes the HashTable.
ContactListHash - Variable in class CSICQClient.ContactList
ContactName - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.PushContactMessage
ContactName - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.AddContactMessage
nickname of the contact list member
ContactUin - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.RemoveContactMessage
ContactUin - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.AddContactMessage
UIN of the contact list member
contentPane - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
createDefaultModel() - Method in class CSICQClient.Panel.WholeNumberField
CSICQApplet - class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.
The CSICQ Applet class.
The Applet functionality is comprised of the following parts: GUI (Graphic User Interface).
CSICQApplet.AddContactButtonActionListener - class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.AddContactButtonActionListener.
Listener for Add Contact Button in the Manage Contacts panel.
CSICQApplet.AddContactButtonActionListener(CSICQApplet) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.AddContactButtonActionListener
CSICQApplet.AppletState - class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.AppletState.
Defines the state of the applet.
CSICQApplet.AppletState(CSICQApplet) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.AppletState
CSICQApplet.ContactListEvent - class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.ContactListEvent.
Listener for the Contact List, contact pressed event
CSICQApplet.ContactListEvent(CSICQApplet) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.ContactListEvent
CSICQApplet.DisconnectButtonActionListener - class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.DisconnectButtonActionListener.
Listener for the Disconnect Button in the Action Select Panel.
CSICQApplet.DisconnectButtonActionListener(CSICQApplet) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.DisconnectButtonActionListener
CSICQApplet.Disconnected - class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.Disconnected.
Defines the Applet behavior in the Disconnected state.
This state has no exit, and is the final state the Applet acheives.
CSICQApplet.Disconnected(CSICQApplet) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.Disconnected
Enters the disconnected state.
Disables all the controls.
CSICQApplet.Functional - class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.Functional.
Defines the behavior of the Applet in the Functional state.
In the Functional state all controls are enabled (besides the Login Panel) and the listening thread is activated.
CSICQApplet.Functional(CSICQApplet) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.Functional
CSICQApplet.Initialize - class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.Initialize.
Defines the behavior of the applet when initialized.
CSICQApplet.Initialize(CSICQApplet) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.Initialize
CSICQApplet.Login - class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.Login.
Defines the behavior of the Applet in the login stage.
CSICQApplet.Login(CSICQApplet) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.Login
Start the Login State and enables the login button.
CSICQApplet.LoginButtonActionListener - class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.LoginButtonActionListener.
Listener for the Login Button on the Login Panel.
CSICQApplet.LoginButtonActionListener(CSICQApplet) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.LoginButtonActionListener
CSICQApplet.ManageContactsButtonActionListener - class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.ManageContactsButtonActionListener.
Listener for the Manage Contacts Button in the Action Select Panel.
CSICQApplet.ManageContactsButtonActionListener(CSICQApplet) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.ManageContactsButtonActionListener
CSICQApplet.RemoveContactButtonActionListener - class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.RemoveContactButtonActionListener.
Listener for Remove Contact Button in the Manage Contacts panel.
CSICQApplet.RemoveContactButtonActionListener(CSICQApplet) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.RemoveContactButtonActionListener
CSICQApplet.SendMessageButtonActionListener - class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.SendMessageButtonActionListener.
Listener for Events on the Send Message Button.
CSICQApplet.SendMessageButtonActionListener(CSICQApplet) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.SendMessageButtonActionListener
CSICQApplet.SendMessagesButtonActionListener - class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.SendMessagesButtonActionListener.
Listener for the Sende Messages button on the Action Select Pannel.
CSICQApplet.SendMessagesButtonActionListener(CSICQApplet) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.SendMessagesButtonActionListener
CSICQApplet.TempDisconnected - class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.TempDisconnected.
Defines the Applet Behavior in the temporary disconnected state.
CSICQApplet.TempDisconnected(CSICQApplet) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.TempDisconnected
Enters the state.
Disables the Send Message and the Remove/Add Contact Buttons.
CSICQApplet() - Constructor for class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
CSICQClient - package CSICQClient
CSICQClient.Message - package CSICQClient.Message
CSICQClient.Panel - package CSICQClient.Panel


dataI - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.MessageInputStream
a data stream used for reading headers data.
dataO - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.MessageOutputStream
Used for writing message headers.
DestinationUin - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.MessageMessage
destroy() - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
Called when Applet is closed.
DISCONNECT - Static variable in class CSICQClient.Message.Message
DisconnectButton - Variable in class CSICQClient.Panel.ActionSelectPanel
Disconnect from the CSICQ server.
DisconnectedIcon - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
DisconnectMessage - class CSICQClient.Message.DisconnectMessage.
A message sent to CSICQ server, telling the server that the client is about to disconnect.
DisconnectMessage() - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Message.DisconnectMessage
Creates the disconnect message.


EmptyMessage - class CSICQClient.Message.EmptyMessage.
EmptyMessage(int) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Message.EmptyMessage


FromStream(MessageInputStream) - Static method in class CSICQClient.Message.Message


GetContact(int) - Method in class CSICQClient.ContactList
Search for the uin in the contact list and return it's Contact object.
getListCellRendererComponent(JList, Object, int, boolean, boolean) - Method in class CSICQClient.ContactList.ContactListRenderer
Retruns a Contact List cell formatted according to the current member status.
GetName(int) - Method in class CSICQClient.ContactList
Search for the uin in the contact list and return it's nickname.
getURL(String) - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
getValue() - Method in class CSICQClient.Panel.WholeNumberField
GreenXi - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
GreenXiPicFilename - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
gridbag - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet


i - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.MessageInputStream
The input Stream for this stream
IllegalMessage - class CSICQClient.Message.IllegalMessage.
IllegalMessage() - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Message.IllegalMessage
INFORM_DISCONNECTED - Static variable in class CSICQClient.Message.Message
init() - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
Called by the Applet viewer when initialized.
in this phase all the applet GUI is constructed.
insertString(int, String, AttributeSet) - Method in class CSICQClient.Panel.WholeNumberField.WholeNumberDocument
IsMember(int) - Method in class CSICQClient.ContactList
Finds if uin belong to contact list.


JContactList - Variable in class CSICQClient.ContactList


kind - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.Message
Kind() - Method in class CSICQClient.Message.Message


listener - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
listEvent - Variable in class CSICQClient.ContactList
listModel - Variable in class CSICQClient.ContactList
listScrollPane - Variable in class CSICQClient.ContactList
log(String) - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
Simple logging method for status message in the text area.
LOGIN - Static variable in class CSICQClient.Message.Message
loginAddContact - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
LoginMessage - class CSICQClient.Message.LoginMessage.
LoginMessage(int, String, String) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Message.LoginMessage
LoginMessage(MessageInputStream) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Message.LoginMessage
loginPanel - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
LoginPanel - class CSICQClient.Panel.LoginPanel.
The Login panel.
Contains all the GUI elements for Loging to ICQ.
LOGINPANEL - Static variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
LoginPanel() - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Panel.LoginPanel
Sets up all the GUI elements.
LoginPressed() - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.AppletState
Called whenever the login button is pressed.
LoginPressed() - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.Login
Sends A LoginRequest to the CSICQ Server.
Since this method is taking place in the Event Thread and also involves a relativly long wait (for the server response).


manageContactPanel - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
ManageContactPanel - class CSICQClient.Panel.ManageContactPanel.
ManageContactPanel() - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Panel.ManageContactPanel
ManageContactsButton - Variable in class CSICQClient.Panel.ActionSelectPanel
Selects the Manage Contacts panel.
Message - class CSICQClient.Message.Message.
Message() - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Message.Message
Message(int) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Message.Message
MessageInputStream - class CSICQClient.Message.MessageInputStream.
Implements the CSICQ Message oriented stream over an InputStream.
To receive new message on the stream call the blocking receive method.
The data encapsulation is according to the CSICQ protocol.
Operating Princple:
When receive is called the message length is read from the Input Stream then whole of the data is read into a temporary buffer which is attached as the inputStream of the super class
MessageInputStream(InputStream) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Message.MessageInputStream
Creates a new MessageInputStream, which read messages from the given DataInputStream.
MessageMessage - class CSICQClient.Message.MessageMessage.
MessageMessage(int, String) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Message.MessageMessage
MessageMessage(MessageInputStream) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Message.MessageMessage
MessageOutputStream - class CSICQClient.Message.MessageOutputStream.
Implements the CSICQ Message oriented stream over an OutputStream.
Using the stream is done in the following way:
The message is written using OutputStream methods and a special writeText method of this class.
MessageOutputStream(OutputStream) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Message.MessageOutputStream
Attached the MessageOutputStream to the OutputStream.
MessageText - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.MessageMessage
mI - Variable in class CSICQClient.connection
The Input Stream through which all messages are received.
mO - Variable in class CSICQClient.connection
The output stream through which all outgoing messages are sent.
MyButton - class CSICQClient.Panel.MyButton.
CSICQ Look Button.
MyButton(int, String) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Panel.MyButton
Creates a new Button of type type and title text.


name - Variable in class CSICQClient.ContactList.Contact
Name - Variable in class CSICQClient.Panel.SendMessagePanel
Name - Variable in class CSICQClient.Panel.ManageContactPanel
Name - Variable in class CSICQClient.Panel.LoginPanel
nickname - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.LoginMessage
NotifyDisconnectMessage - class CSICQClient.Message.NotifyDisconnectMessage.
Received when csicq server got a disconnect message from the ICQ network.
NotifyDisconnectMessage(MessageInputStream) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Message.NotifyDisconnectMessage
Creates the message from the stream


o - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.MessageOutputStream
Stream, on which messages are sent.


password - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.LoginMessage
Password - Variable in class CSICQClient.Panel.SendMessagePanel
Password - Variable in class CSICQClient.Panel.ManageContactPanel
Password - Variable in class CSICQClient.Panel.LoginPanel
PUSH_CONTACT - Static variable in class CSICQClient.Message.Message
PushContactMessage - class CSICQClient.Message.PushContactMessage.
PushContactMessage(MessageInputStream) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Message.PushContactMessage


ReadFromStream(MessageInputStream) - Method in class CSICQClient.Message.Message
ReadFromStream(MessageInputStream) - Method in class CSICQClient.Message.LoginMessage
readText() - Method in class CSICQClient.Message.MessageInputStream
Reads a String from the stream according to the CSICQ protocol.
RECEIVE_MESSAGE - Static variable in class CSICQClient.Message.Message
receive() - Method in class CSICQClient.connection
Blocks until a message is received.
receive() - Method in class CSICQClient.Message.MessageInputStream
Reads a new message from the InputStream.
RedXi - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
RedXiPicFilename - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
REFUSE_LOGIN - Static variable in class CSICQClient.Message.Message
REMOVE_CONTACT - Static variable in class CSICQClient.Message.Message
removeButton - Variable in class CSICQClient.Panel.ManageContactPanel
RemoveContactMessage - class CSICQClient.Message.RemoveContactMessage.
RemoveContactMessage(int) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Message.RemoveContactMessage
RemoveContactPressed() - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.AppletState
Called whenever the Remove Contact button is pressed.
RemoveContactPressed() - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.Functional
Removes a contact, which information is found in the manageContactPanel, of the Contact List.
If the UIN is found in the Contact List, it is removed and a RemoveContact message is sent to the CSICQ server.
RemoveMember(int) - Method in class CSICQClient.ContactList
Removes a member from the contact list.
run() - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
The Listening thread of the Applet.


S - Variable in class CSICQClient.connection
TCP Socket.
SEND_MESSAGE - Static variable in class CSICQClient.Message.Message
send() - Method in class CSICQClient.Message.MessageOutputStream
Sends the message written to the Stream since the last time it was invoked.
send(Message) - Method in class CSICQClient.connection
Sends the message on the output stream.
sendMessagePanel - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
SendMessagePanel - class CSICQClient.Panel.SendMessagePanel.
SendMessagePanel() - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Panel.SendMessagePanel
SendMessagePressed() - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.AppletState
Called whenever the Send Message button is pressed.
SendMessagePressed() - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.Functional
Sends the Message, currently found in the ComposeMessageTextArea, to the CSICQ server.
The Message is Logged to the StatusTextArea.
SendMessagesButton - Variable in class CSICQClient.Panel.ActionSelectPanel
Selects the Send Messages panel
SENDPANEL - Static variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
setEvent(CSICQApplet.ContactListEvent) - Method in class CSICQClient.ContactList
Sets an event listener for the contact selected event.
setValue(int) - Method in class CSICQClient.Panel.WholeNumberField
start() - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
StartThread() - Method in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
Starts the Listening thread of the Applet.
status - Variable in class CSICQClient.ContactList.Contact
status - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.UpdateContactMessage
STATUS_OFFLINE - Static variable in class CSICQClient.ContactList.Contact
STATUS_ONLINE - Static variable in class CSICQClient.ContactList.Contact
StatusScrollPane - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
statusTextArea - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet


trials - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet.Login


uin - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.UpdateContactMessage
uin - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.PushContactMessage
uin - Variable in class CSICQClient.Message.LoginMessage
UIN - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
UIN - Variable in class CSICQClient.ContactList.Contact
UIN - Variable in class CSICQClient.Panel.SendMessagePanel
UIN - Variable in class CSICQClient.Panel.ManageContactPanel
UIN - Variable in class CSICQClient.Panel.LoginPanel
UINFormat - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet
UPDATE_CONTACT - Static variable in class CSICQClient.Message.Message
UpdateContactMessage - class CSICQClient.Message.UpdateContactMessage.
UpdateContactMessage(MessageInputStream) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Message.UpdateContactMessage
UpdateStatus(int, int) - Method in class CSICQClient.ContactList
Updates the Status of a contact list member.


valueChanged(ListSelectionEvent) - Method in class CSICQClient.ContactList.ContactListSelectionHandler
Checks for a stable selection. invokes the event handler.


WholeNumberField - class CSICQClient.Panel.WholeNumberField.
This class is an extension to JTextField which accepts only complete numbers.
WholeNumberField.WholeNumberDocument - class CSICQClient.Panel.WholeNumberField.WholeNumberDocument.
WholeNumberField.WholeNumberDocument(WholeNumberField) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Panel.WholeNumberField.WholeNumberDocument
WholeNumberField(int, int) - Constructor for class CSICQClient.Panel.WholeNumberField
writeText(String) - Method in class CSICQClient.Message.MessageOutputStream
Write a String to the stream according to the CSICQ protocol.
Data written on stream:
String size actual string with every 16 bit character truncated to 8 bit.
WriteToStream(MessageOutputStream) - Method in class CSICQClient.Message.Message
WriteToStream(MessageOutputStream) - Method in class CSICQClient.Message.RemoveContactMessage
WriteToStream(MessageOutputStream) - Method in class CSICQClient.Message.DisconnectMessage
Writes the message content on the output stream.
WriteToStream(MessageOutputStream) - Method in class CSICQClient.Message.MessageMessage
WriteToStream(MessageOutputStream) - Method in class CSICQClient.Message.AddContactMessage
Outputs the message contact on the output stream
WriteToStream(MessageOutputStream) - Method in class CSICQClient.Message.LoginMessage


XiLabel - Variable in class CSICQClient.CSICQApplet