installation howto

How to build and install csicq on your machine.

These instructions apply to version 1.0.0 of csicq.

To install the csicq server:
  1. Make sure you have kdevelop, icqlib and pthreads installed.
  2. Download the server code. The tarball can be found here.
  3. Unwrap the tarball.
  4. Compile the package using kdevelop. Note: Using make to compile the server package won't work due to a "feature" of kdevelop that does not handle the autoconf/automake parameters properly. Therefore in order to be able to compile the server package, you'll need to use kdevelop.
  5. You're all set. Just run the executable to start the server.

To install the csicq client:
  1. Make sure you have some web server installed. We used Apache but any other web server should do.
  2. Download the client code. You can find it here.
    Alternatively, if you do not feel like compiling the java code, you can take our compiled and wrapped package from here. If you use the compiled version, skip directly to section 5.
  3. Unwrap the archive.
  4. Compile the java source files and create the archive applet.jar.
  5. Download the csicq website package.
  6. Unwrap the website package and put it in some web-accessible subdirectory.
  7. Put the applet.jar file in the same web-accessible subdirectory.
  8. That's it. In the next time you access that subdirectory, you'll get the csicq applet.
Important note: in order for the applet to run properly, you need to run the server on the same machine as the web-server (or at least have both of them accessible via the same IP). Otherwise the applet security restrictions will prevent you from running the applet.

Instructions written by Zvika Brakerski and Asaf Koren.
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