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Creating ICQ applications using icqlib1

Zvika Brakerski2, - Asaf Koren3

May 8, 2001

About this document

This manual is submitted as a part of the csicq4 project documentation.

When working on the csicq project, we have been using a great deal of icqlib. The lack of documentation for the package has been, therefore, a major obstacle in the development process.

However, since we figured out the basic concepts on which the package based, it seemed very intuitive and easy to work with.

Therefore, as a part of our project documentation, we decided to add a manual for the basic features of icqlib as we figured them out.

We should emphasize that this documentation is submitted with no warranty what-so-ever. All information here is based on our explorations and cannot be trusted to be true in any way. We take no responsibility on any action taken or not taken based on this manual and hereby declare that to the best of our knowledge, all information in this document might be completely wrong.

The writers of this manual are not affiliated in any way with the writers and/or maintainers of the icqlib package.

We should also make it very clear that this document refers to version 1.0.0 of icqlib. We have not examined other versions.

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Zvika Brakerski 2001-05-08