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Client side

The client GUI is an applet that provides the following functionality.

Present GUI to user.
The functionality of the client (and the entire ICQ network) is available to the user via a simple GUI for sending and receiving messages, viewing the contact list and supporting the functionality.

Connect to server using TCP/IP.
The Applet maintains connection with a running thread of the server that is responsible for maintaining the ICQ functionality for that specific client.

Provide ICQ functionality.

This includes:

  1. Login to the ICQ network.
  2. Show ICQ contact list.
  3. Add user (ICQ UIN) to contact list.
  4. Remove user from contact list.
  5. Send message to an ICQ user.
  6. Read received messages.
  7. Logout from ICQ network.

Zvika Brakerski 2001-05-09